New Apostolic Church

Parma Ohio

“You are invited to explore and experience a worldwide family of Christians that still think love, respect and values matter most.”

Service format

Our Services involve the choir and the congregation singing, collective prayer and a sermon that may involve multiple speakers. Sunday School children have their own area for the bulk of the service, but join the adults before Holy Communion is sanctified and served. After we together speak Lord’s prayer, there are several other short prayers and the sacrament is served to everyone that wants to come to the front to receive it. Handicapped people are served in their seat. After a closing prayer and some announcements the congregation is invited to sing along with the song lyrics on the screens in the front of the chapel. The entire formal event usually takes less than an hour, then the members and guests greet each other with handshaking and mutual talking in small groups.

Parma, Ohio

West Seneca, New York

Cape Town Tafelsig, South Africa

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Parsipany, New York

GUINEE-CONAKRY Conakry, Guinea, Africa