Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Taking care of “Our Family” is a big priority. People do not live by bread or money alone. The ideal for every person is to feel loved, needed and appreciated. Our members join a worldwide family of millions, but experience our fellowship family most by the sharing and caring they experience in Northern Ohio. One evidence of this Fabulous Fellowship Family is that every visitor is personally welcomed and our standard greeting is hand shaking, exchanging names and pleasantries of the day.

Our members who cannot visit regular activities receive hospital, rehab and home visits with communion regularly. The visits are from members as well as from the ministers. Likewise cards, calls, texts and emails of comfort and help come from the whole New Apostolic family.

Please remember to pray for and visit and call some of our Sisters and Brothers that are experiencing challenges:

Sis. Schalkner back with her Daughter

The Jones family with the passing of their father

Betty Wolff, who is doing well, has been cared for by her family at home and at their houses

Gordon Pilz is making a fantastic recovery from hip surgery. What a guy!

All the "Members to Remember" on the back of the monthly Calendar

We are on the lookout for kidney donors to assist one of our brothers, If you be interested in saving a life please contact one of the ministers.

Thanks to those who donated and moved the Furniture into Wade's apartment he was very thankful.