During the year our seniors "Forever Young" take outings to various recreational adn cultural sites, as well as provide community service projects.

Forever Young Road Trip of August 11,2019 to Kingsville Ohio congreagation.

1. Ten seniors Parma., OH and 8 from Erie, PA met for Divine Service in Kingsville OH. The District Ev. Welch and Pr. Hallmark (Erie) served us.

2. Afterwards we traveled to the Chestnut Grove Cemetery in Ashtabula and visited the memorial for the 1876 Ashtabula Railway Bridge Disaster. Philip Bliss , the famous Gospel composer, and his wife died in the fire of the train. The designer of the bridge, Charles Collins, is also buried here. We prayed and sang "It is well with my Soul " written by P.Bliss.

3. We dinned together at the Ferrante Restaurant & Winery in Harpersfield.

Joan Pilz worked with our seniors groups to buy and collect household essentials that they bagged and delivered to our shut ins and older folks. The recipients were very thankful and commented they missed our fellowship.

The Sunday School put together Christmas gift bags gifts for the seniors at the Sunday school program presentation