Live Upcoming Services:

Services held in the Parma Church will be available online

The service will begin at 10:30 a.m. and the streaming link will open 5 minutes before. If you would like to participate in this service please click the link below.

Link to Watch Service

Please note that when accessing the live stream, you may have to unmute the audio by clicking on the volume icon at the bottom of the web page.

Live Service Schedule from Parma

May 10 Ev. Scott Hussing

May 17 Pr. Erwin Michel

May 21 NAC YouTube - Ascension Day Message

May 24 D. Ev. Adam Welch

May 31 NAC YouTube - CA Schneider - Pentecost Service

Prerecorded Services

In addition to the Parma broadcast, the national church offers a prerecorded service on our YouTube channel beginning at 10 a.m. and throughout Sunday. For access, click on the link below.

NAC USA YouTube channel

I hope that the additional option to participate in a local service will help us all feel a bit more connected and will add to our sincere prayers that the Lord will allow us to come back together soon.

Offering Options:

Many have asked how they can offer during these very different times. Below please find two ways to in which you can do that.

Via Mail

Any interested member can mail checks (any amount) at any interval and they will be processed accordingly. Any check under $250 will be processed and deposited back to the local congregational account as if it had been deposited locally. It just may take a couple days longer, with banks processing slower these days. Please be sure to list your congregation in the memo section.

The over $250 checks are processed as usual.

Please mail them to:

New Apostolic Church USA

Attn: KSH

6005 Perry Hwy

Erie, PA 16509

Here is the link to the International Choir

put together online by our team in Kitchener. This is not just an orchestra and choir from one country or location rather, this electronically putting the voices of over 250 singers from Africa, Europe and North America singing one song simultaneously together.

Please give us 7 days notice to add your event. Pictures and graphics are appreciated.

Summer Golf League Forming

The Parma Congregation Golf League is about to start its Ninth season. This year we will be playing the same day, Monday and starting at the same time, 5:45 PM. We will be playing at Ironwood golf course. Its address is 445 State Road, Hinckley, Ohio. The league will officially start play on Monday, April 20, 2020. The league is open to both Men and Women. All are welcome whether you are just learning to play golf or a seasoned golfer.

There will be 18 weeks of league play. It is not mandatory that you make all weeks. You only have to pay golf fees for the weeks you actually play.

The league’s format is individual competition, where each week a Golfer plays a match against an opponent for a total of 20 points, 2 points per hole playing Match Play, and 2 points for low net for the nine holes. All matches are based on USGA Rules and Handicap System. The season will be divided into three thirds, with the winner from each third and a wildcard advancing to the playoffs to determine a League Champion. Each third will be 6 weeks. The Third winner will be determine by the best 5 weeks point total out of the 6 weeks in the Third,

Please complete the bottom half of this flyer and return it to Bill Goetz or you can just email him the below information with your interest in playing in the golf league this year. In order to finalize the schedule, please return the below by April 18, 2020. If you have any questions, see Bill Goetz. You can also call him at 440-212-0216 or email to You can use the attached file and fill it out and email to Bill Goetz.

(Bill not Picture)